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Region 3 is leading the way in Sport Martial Arts in Ohio

The Professional Karate Commission was formed in 1986 by Founder and President, Mr. Glenn Keeney, as a sanctioning body for American Kickboxing. In 1989 it began sanctioning Point Karate.

The PKC is one of the fastest growing Martial Arts organizations in the United States and Canada. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity, ethics and principles of Karate-do. Our goal is to serve you in the best and most efficient possible manner. Look for the PKC logo for a truly respectful atmosphere, with good sportsmanship, and exciting competition.

The Professional Karate Commission is a national & regional tournament and ratings organization designed to meet the needs of the competitor and is currently comprised of seven regions. The regional directors, some of today’s finest leaders, each host tournament series and awards banquets building toward the central PKC International Championships over Labor Day Weekend. Here the best of the best from each region come to test their skills and join in to honor the Annual National Champions at the Annual National Awards Banquet.

The PKC Directors have been charged with the task of building a world wide organization. With their help, the PKC intends to assure that Karate will indeed have a bright and successful future

■ Dave Buker ~ PKC Region 3 Director/PKC Board of Directors
■ Derek Fickes ~ PKC Region 3 Acting Director/Technical Advisor
■ Deven Fickes ~ PKC Region 3 Public Relations Director/Promoter
■ Amy Fickes ~ PKC Region 3 Secretary
■ Darla Medal ~ PKC Region 3 Score Keepers Director
■ Angel Fickes ~ PKC Region 3 Points/Results Coordinator

■ Rules Committee: Dave Buker, Derek Fickes, Steve Fickes
■ Tournament Coordinators/Announcers: Dale McCutcheon, Darla Medal, Amy Fickes, Angel Fickes, Derek Fickes

■ Promoters: Chris McLaughlin, Deven and Angel Fickes, Dan Bralliar, Dennis and Mercedes Janes, Frank Charlillo, James DeCore, Lee Harris


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